Shark Boats

Some Enemies are More Equal Than Others

The Motor Torpedo Boats have armor of thin plywood – and weapons that can smash a battleship. Built for speed and agility, their engines can drive them into harm’s way at 70 miles per hour… and the men who command them are no less dangerous.

Jack Reiner had made his way from the orphanage to a stock-exchange desk, and joined the Reserves to protect a society where that was possible. When the citizen soldiers he’d known for a decade are massacred in the water with their hands raised… then an ideological war has just become very personal.

Hector Chavez had made himself an orphan when he reported his parents for illegal trading. An idealistic servant of the People, he’s long ago sacrificed his personal conscience to the greater good, for President Ramirez’ dream of peace and equality under one rule. Killing capitalists is his duty – but killing Reiner might just be a pleasure.

There’ll be blood in the water when they meet.

Praise for ‘The Shark Boats’:

“There are no weaknesses anywhere in this book: the world-building, while not staggeringly original, is solid and believable. The characters are brilliantly drawn and the plot is a tightly threaded mixture of adventure, political intrigue, and understated romance (both in the old sense and the modern sense).
I thoroughly recommend it.”
Kate Paulk, author of ‘Impaler’ and the ‘ConVent’ series.

Praise for Leo Champion:

“Champion’s writing has you tasting the cordite, feeling the mud and blood-spatter on every page – he knows infantry and he knows combat. Vivid, exciting military SF that rings true.”
Captain Jacob ‘Kal’ Spriggs, two-tour US Army veteran and author of ‘The Renegades.’

“Lots of smoothly written action, engaging characters, and salty dialog delivered with a good ear for traditional military parlance.”
Dr. Charles E. Gannon, author of ‘Extremis’ and ‘Fire With Fire.’
Shark Boats Cover


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