The desperate.

The underfunded.

The completely expendable.

The United States Foreign Legion was created as a disposable force to deal with America’s colonial conflicts. Paul Mullins was an American citizen with a successful career in advertising – until one drunken night when a barroom acquaintance convinced him that you could back out of a Legion enlistment.

He’s going to spend his next five years alongside a bunch of opportunists, felons, lunatics and screwups, in the dirtiest parts of America’s interstellar empire. The other military branches despise the Legion. The government considers them expendable. Secessionists, aliens and Earth’s other powers loathe them. The colonial business community grudgingly appreciates them, but that isn’t worth much. Mullins has a cheap uniform and sixty pounds of lowest-bidder equipment. He has an obsolete twentieth-century rifle and a vindictive enemy who outranks him.

He’s about to find strength in himself that he never knew existed.

And, to survive one thousand, eight hundred and twenty-six days in the Legion, he’s going to need every bit of it.

Legion cover


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